Everybody knows these are bad times for the hospitality business (to see a chart prepared by Statista of the industries worst affected by the COVID-19 crisis, which shows Leisure and Hospitality as the “worst affected,” look here.

So these times have had real impact on one of our clients in particular: Lake Austin Spa Resort, a business we have served for 20 years — and one of the greatest destination spa resorts in the world (named #1 in North America by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler).

The intimate, 40-room resort hasn’t been open for months, and although a handful of senior staff has remained on the property, for all intents and purposes this wonderland on beautiful Lake Austin has been a no man’s land.

That has not meant that the spa has been inactive; indeed, preparations for enhanced safety and the planned re-opening (coming soon, in July) never abated. SullivanPerkins is fortunate to be part of the ongoing communications to loyal and dearly missed guests. As part of that work, we developed Letters from the Lake — more personal than the usual email from a property to a guest, these letters were reflections from key staff (including Mike McAdams, the owner),  and included snapshots of “life under lockdown,” including a pic of Bunny and Woofie, the owner’s beloved pets.