A big part of what makes life interesting for us at SullivanPerkins is that we work with clients of all sizes, and in a range of industries, from steelmaking to spas. The pandemic is posing challenges to all businesses, but especially the smaller ones that make up the backbone of our U.S. economy.

Dallas has been particularly welcoming to small businesses. Last year DFW added more small business jobs than any of the nation’s top 12 metro areas – more than 20,000 jobs.

Now many of those jobs are in danger, as are the small businesses that provide them.

According to a recent article produced by the consulting firm McKinsey, up to 2.1 million small businesses nationwide could close permanently as a result of the disruption from just the first four months of the pandemic.

So let’s remember to support small businesses as much as we can in these challenging times.

SullivanPerkins has long recognized the importance of small business and of local businesses. Indeed, one our white papers, available here, dealt with specific insights about selling to local business.

Of course, one way we can all support the small and local businesses we patronize is to provide a positive review on the platforms they prefer, to help promote their services. One place that highlights exceptional businesses is the Manifest.

We know we appreciate the reviews we’ve received that appear on the Manifest from clients as varied as an international oil company, a destination spa resort and a public university. Thanks!

Let’s support small businesses. And start sharing 5 Star Reviews!