zte weird thing

For manufacturers of mobile phones and other electronic devices, constantly introducing new products, part of what’s in a name is the struggle to come up a word that’s meaningful, likable, and available (meaning, you can own it legally). One of the tasks SullivanPerkins performs for our client ZTE (along with design, packaging, and other marketing-related assignments) is the seemingly simple but actually very demanding task of naming new products — which not only have to pass the high bar of legal availability but also the approval process of ZTE’s equally demanding clients — the carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.

Although SullivanPerkins doesn’t provide legal services, we do provide creative naming, which includes preliminary searches for availability. One example: The ZTE Mobley, released earlier this month from AT&T. It’s a new plug-in vehicle hotspot that allows up to five devices to connect to the Internet and use the hotspot data plan for surfing the Web, playing games, and watching videos. It plugs into the on-board diagnostics port on most vechicles. AT&T announced the new product offering at CTIA Super Mobility in Las Vegas — and Mobley’s a super name for this device. Here’s another example of our work for ZTE — packaging for a fabulous mobile projector, the S-Pro (it’s not our name, but the design of the packaging has the SullivanPerkins name all over it).